So my laptop sucks, but..
I'm able to play a few games. FFX, Suikoden V, FFXII, Persona 3/4, so I have been very happy with PCSX2. (Thanks to all developers Tongue)

Now the games I seem to want to play don't want to work Sad

Xenosaga 1 runs VERY slow, like 20 FPS. Star Ocean 3 runs very slow at like 40 FPS, which sucks for a RPG and a action game. Now I try to play Fight Night Round 3 and its running very slow. Is there anything I can do, setting wise, to try and play these games or is my laptop out of date??

    Intel® Core ™ i3-4000M CPU @ 2.40GHz

RAM: 6.00 GB

I will post the settings if you need them, or if you already have premade setups made for out of date laptops, not sure how it works.
Thank you!


These are the settings I use, sometimes I have to use the Native resolution though if the game lags. The games I said lag, they do this on the native setting.
[Image: ss1.png]

[Image: ss2.png]

[Image: ss3.png]

Im using version 1.2.1

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i know only xenosaga that game hates speedhack have you try uncheck the speedhack presets and the EE+Cyclestealing at 0?

the screenshot is too small i can't read it.
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Do you know how I can make bigger screenshots?? And yes I have, it just makes it even slower Sad

[Image: iqgg3b.jpg]

[Image: jhahhl.png]

[Image: 30kubgy.png]

That better? Can you see?
if you're on intel graphics try DX9 and/or put the internal resolution to 1x native.
OpenGL and a newer PCSX2 version could be also worth a try.

Speedhack wise there is not much more you can do..

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Yeah I know speedhack wise im pretty maxed XD if I raise any more the sound goes ahead of the gameplay.

I'll give your suggestions a try. I didn't really expect to be able to play the 3 games I mentioned, but it was worth a shot asking lol.
OpenGL is better for accuracy. Except few corner case it won't be faster than DX.

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