So this is how you treat people that ask for help
People refuse to help you and do nothing but provide you the same exact information you just got done saying wasn't even remotely helpful and the people here blow you off can call you names and say you're a waste of time. and basically say you're challenging them. I said I spent a few days here on the forum trying to do research myself because the manuals made no sense and aren't clear to what they;re talking about. Nothing is whe3re it's supposed to be and no one links anything with a clear description. All anyone did was post a bunch of garbage they CLAIMED is help and didn't bother answering anything I said. instead they posted the same exact information I already said I couldn't understand, then they said people helped.

Example the plugins people are saying to use do not exist and no link I have been to has them but yet someone says it took them 5 min to find and basically gives me this link:

First off all this is a Linux PLUG in for audio Says it right there next to it. But yet this person knows I have windows 7 64 BIT OS. The claims i didn't look around.

Another example is that people claim you can play games in software but yet here is a video showing it's not possible:

The guides here are incomplete and use lingo only people here understands, and when you challenge the people here and prove what they're saying is wrong, you get a message like this when trying to log in:

Quote:Your forum account is currently banned. Ban Reason: Duplicate account
Ban will be lifted: Never

Except for now, I've never registered on this site EVER not once. This is just a ***** way to try and silence me because I called you guys out on something you know isn't true is all. it's typical moderator behavior to do this, because gosh forbid someone like me comes along and shows people on this site that worked hard wrong...can't have that now can we.

This site is 100% useless.

It's very simple people make an entire updated Emulator WITH ALL THE PLUGINS ALREADY IN IT PACKED UP AS ONE THING and stop making people run from link to link to link and page to page to page to gather up things that don't even make any form of normal sense because it's all written from your guys point of view.and post the link to the emulator itself and not to a page with tons of links on them with lingo that means nothing to someone who doesn't understand it.

I still have no answers to anything I posted in the other thread.

This forum is useless and needs to be shut down because they say come here if you need help, but then no one helps you but yet they think they do because they don't want to make anything simple.

Shouldn't have something up for download if you cannot even make it simple to use...and only people on here claim it's simple to use to feel justified.

None of you have helped me with anything and have only gone out of your way to cause me grief and problems.

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Fine. Go. We won't miss you. We're all useless, so what are you still doing here?
You are downloaded the game which is pirecy that said read the rules of the forums first.
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