Socom control and also crashing issue
When ever I boot up my Socom 1 iso PCSX2 crashes, it fades out, becomes unresponsive and the window saying "PCSX2 has stopped responding" comes up and my only option is to shutdown the program, I have no clue was could be causing this, does the game just not run with PCSX2 or what?

Socom 2 at least starts up fine, but I notice at the start of missions you are in a crouch position, but after you leave that position, the only other 2 positions you can switch to are standing and prone. Why can't I go back to the crouch stance?

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Well I found out it has to do something with the pressure sensitive buttons and the only way to go crouch is to turn down the sensitivity on the button... And I don't suppose there's any way to have alternate actions be done for holding buttons down is there?

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