Software mode question

I was wondering if there was a way to make the image quality better in software mode. I am aware of the anti aliasing option but that doesn't really do anything noticeable. Is there a way to do more samples of AA in software mode?

Thanks for looking.

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The true "problem" with software mode is that no matter what resolution you set, it displays at the native game resolution (which is 640x480 or lower depending on the game). As far as I know there isn't a fix and I doubt there would be. Besides the fact that it would be much much more CPU intensive, it would also be less accurate...

About the only real solution I could see that would be feasible would be to render the native resolution then pass it to hardware to do a stretch + filter... which would look less pixelated but would be blurred. Guess you could do that all in software as there are plenty of filters available (think like Super Eagle filtering used in SNES emulators) but again, it'd be slower and blurry... but possibly better depending on the individual.
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Oh, that sucks. Well thanks for telling me the details Smile

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