[Solution] Slow pcsx2 game play
i have discovered something that can make pcsx2 run in weak CPU's and graphic cards.

i have pentium D 2.8 ghz
and my graphic card was Intel GMA 82945G chipset family..
but any i tried in that configuration run at a decent speed.

i'm using pcsx2 version 0.9.7.
1.) go to emulation settings
2.) under GS tab, change NTSC FPS to 20.0 and PAL 50.0
3.) if nothing happens, try changing PAL to 20.0
4.) click apply.. !
5.) restart your emulator.

it should run smoothly.. BTW before changing the FPS limit , you should know what region game is.

mine was god of war and its region was NTSC.

and runs at full speed..even though i have a weak CPU and graphic card

i'am only sharing what i discovered


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sorry for my bad english!
1/3rd speed is not full speed.
but for my pc its full speed! cause i have a weak CPU! i'm tryi'n to record my gameplay for proof!

and i'am only sharing what i have discovered! xDD
Man do you know what you just did??
You just said that if I drop down the FPS limit then I can get full speed.
I mean that is not quiet what anyone would want to do.
At 20 FPS games do become somewhat playable but they can't be said to run at full speed which would be 60 FPS for PAL and 50 for NTSC if I remember it right.
Anyways point of all this is :
Your solution is not a vaild one.
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You changed the internal FPS of the games. This will break most games, you just got lucky yours work with that
[Image: newsig.jpg]
yeah. right. just lucky with god of war. isn't that one of the games with variable fps code? atleast i did read that somewhere about a port and reference back to the ps2. afaik sotc is one of those games two that could work but i might not give it too much value - i seem to know what eats up that frames and that might bug if hacking it.

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