(Solved) Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 - FPS between 45 and 210, sluggish matches
Hello everyone.

I have searched the forums a bit, but so far none of what I found seemed like an answer to the issue at hand.

In the menus and basically everywhere "but" in matches I do have FPS of 120+, down to the point of not being able to listen to the original music since it is sped up a fair bit. That is acceptable for me, actually, if I could just fix the problems I have when entering matches - those, all of a sudden, are completely sluggish. We are talking about "I.. will... now... punch.. you...!" ........ "Ouch....!"-levels. All the while the FPS shows a solid 45 to 65, which is weird. I am using the vanilla settings of the emulator so far because, honestly, I am quite at a loss regarding what to fiddle with and the FPS would suggest that they are not the problem.

My system specs, just in case someone needs to know them to solve the problem (or even come up with a configuration for the emulator) are as follows:

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
System Manufacturer: BIOSTAR Group
System Model: N61PC-M2S
BIOS: )Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon™ II X2 215 Processor (2 CPUs), ~2.7GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 3070MB RAM
Page File: 2110MB used, 4028MB available
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

I would really appreciate help since I am clueless as to what I should change in the vanilla settings of the emulator to fix my issues.

Big thanks in advance!

The game features a Create-A-Finisher editor which displays a generic wrestler A and generic wrestler B performing the various samples/steps of the move you are creating. This works at 100% normal and perfect speed, just as I would love to have it in a real match.

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sound is linked to framerate (synced) if frame rate is not at 60fps then sound will be slow. short of using MTVU and some speed hacks probably not much can be done i pretty sure the cpu isnt gona cut it as when i tryed to play my ps2 game on my amd base system which similar to that only it has 5750 radeon, no game i tried would run anyway near full speed let alone have sound that was in slow mode with either HW/SW mode or native.

Amd are not good for pcsx2 and i pretty sure the cpu will be lucky to run things
Thank you for your reply. However, as I said, the sound is sped up too much, not slow at all since in menus and every single place "but" in matches. I have FPS of 120 and upwards (up to a FPS of 210 sometimes) outside of matches. My issue is entirely with the matches and them being sluggish, as if everyone was a slow-motion comedian. And even there I still have FPS shown as 45 to 60, sadly the game does not seem to care about that and still depicts it the way I described it. It actually feels as if my system might even be running it too fast for the game to keep up with and therefore having a hardcore FPS "drop" despite the emulator showing steady 45 to 60 FPS in matches.
they only way you gona get 120 fps is if framelimiter is off and if framelimiter is off and you get more then 60 fps sound is gona way to fast, the games have to have framelimiter on and keep 60fps for sound to play right. just cause the computer can get 100+ fps with framelimiter of dont mean it can keep 60fps ps2 game need to run at, to fast sound becomes to fast to slow sound be comes slow and anything under 50fps sound becomes noticeable slow and 40 is slow mode like you mentioned
Alright, I now turned the framelimiter on again and have begun fiddling with the configurations on a "have a match run in the background and see what it does" basis. Those 60 FPS i then get arent helping though (very sluggish). I now turned the limiter off again and so far I am at 85 FPS in the matches now, yet they still are sluggish to some degree (has gotten a lot better though). I just created a video of what I exactly mean. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of recording roughly 30 fps have been lost while recording, which means it is less sluggish than depicted in the video but still sluggish.

View My Video - Running at 50 to 55 fps due to recording via Bandicam
like i said its case of pc is not powerfull enough, short of puting mtvu on which probably wont help with that cpu, and playing with vu/ee which will prebreak things. and have native res not much gona help you baring there something wrong with the emulation of that game. neither that cpu or gpu is really powerfull it will run games but i will to bet few few will run full speed at anything past native/2x I guess you can try software mode in GSDX with with threadcount on 2 but i dont think that would mater either but that will put all the work on the cpu and if cpu is already the problem that wont help.

Slowmode like that is simple cause PC cant keep 60 fps 60 to 55 fps is minimum needed to play games im once it goes under 50 will will notice slowdown from both sound and video.

What are your EE/GS % when you it like that, cause like i said you need to be able to hold 60fps with framelimter on are near it anything below 50 and you will notice slowdown
Actually II solved the issue myself now with some more hours of fiddling around. All it actually took was to use Preset 3 as a basis and then to find the proper settings for the GSD plugin. From what I got from the emulator documentation and my experiences with another game, it seems to have been a matter of my system overperforrming on the game. Despite having only a "solid" CPU, this one still exceeds the recommended specs for PCSX2 and when i tweaked the settings in accordance to some online tutorials and settings to "copy", my game performed at ridiculous FPS with the FPS-Limiter turned off (200 to even 300 sometimes in menus and 100 fps in matches), yet the matches still were sluggish.

Apparently the reason for this is the very same why Star Wars The Old Republic performs poorly on highend PCs and damn sweet on medium PCs - because that game has a tendency to calculate data way too much, as if the game was about to cheerfully say "Oh shiney, I got so much stuff to work with.. now.. what if I calculated THIS in advance already? Oh and that one! Oh and the one over there, yeah!". This can be fixed with Bandicams built-in FPS-Limiter and when i used bandicam earlier to record the video above, I tested out if - with an unlimited Emulator FPS and a limited-via-Bandicam general FPS I would get any performance boost (by limiting it to for example 70) - and indeed I did. That led me to the assumption that once again a game cannot keep up with the hardware being used for it.

I got it to "almost completely fluent" by then fiddling around a bit, but the big success was actually cycling through the Presets again and choosing Preset 3 and the proper GSD settings as well as limiting my game to 60 FPS via Bandicam (and via the Emulators built-in-feature).

The result is a completely wonderful gameplay now both in the menus (no more sound speedups due to the emulators FPS thingy) and in the matches (due to Bandicams FPS limiter and no longer over-stressing the poor game).

Problem solved - and thanks again, your contribution regarding the FPS Limiter sparked some ideas Smile

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