[Solved thx rama] Problem with Suikoden 3 Chapter 3 Geddoe Eike glitch

I am blocked with a white screen at Geddoe's chapter 3.
The problem has already been solved in this topic but only with the help of anyone, not by changing the configuration.
I join my memory card if anyone want to help.


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I've put it on my long ToDo list Tongue2
Thanks, there is no hurry so it's fine with me Ohmy
I encountered same trouble but after disabling all speedhack options, the game was running slowly but had no prob to get through that scene. Hope that'd help.
Thanks for answer, I read the same advice on the other topic about this bug but it dont work with me Sad

I post the link of my mem card here in case you might want to play it. The moment is at beginning of everyone's chapter 4, missing some characters:gordon, alanis, hortez, nadir and i forgot to take the copper hammer in caleria.

rare items: hugo previous team got 6 fury runes, 1 double strike rune, 1 taikyoku tunic, 1 chief hat
chris team got 1 double strike rune, 1 chief hat, chris's level is 73
geddoe team got 2 double strike runes, 1 blood armor.
Thanks, I will wait some more since I would prefer my save, but if I have no other solution I will take your save Ohmy
Anyone ? :|
One more week Pac-Man
Okay, I wanted to look at it but the memcard file you attached seems to be broken.

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