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Solved, ty!
Hi there! I'm pretty new to all this emulator stuff, so forgive me ^^'

So I've been playing Persona 3 FES, and when a persona tries to learn one more skill after hitting the max it can carry, I can't control which skill to forget. It will only allow me to choose the first skill.

I have read the FAQs and I can't seem to find the SSSPSX Pad Pressure Mod anywhere. I've tried using a mouse as well, but I can't get it to work in game. It's a wireless usb mouse and I've tried the nuvee plugin, but with no results

I have tried both unchecking and checking the 'start without mouse focus' and I have tried direct input and I've bound my 'mouse' button to 1!

Thank you for your time to anyone who replies!!

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you didn't map the D-PAD
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Oh my gosh, Im so stupid XD
Thank you so much!!!

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