Some Questions for the Devs, plz

my first q. is about the timing scheme used by pcsx2. I'm a noob concerning PS2 hw therefore get it as a pure hypothetic conclusion of mine. As far as I could notice off the emu there is a common behavior which is also been a reflection of the real PS2 HW. I conclude the whole PS2 timings are fixed to the frame rate which further relates 1:1 (i assume sync to frame swapping) on the refresh rate. That causes a game to run slow by the percentage it reflects the equal amount of missing frames.

u can break here as it ain't like I did mention above anyway. Smile

Isn't it kinda tricky to keep it on a precise level?
Isn't it possible to use the system timer from the PC HW to pretend always the correct frame rate?
I mean something like remapped vector to a routine it can force the EMU always runnig the same processing speed though repeating the last processed frame as kinda dummy frame to fill the empty time cycles. it also should run the process as soon as a unit runs in a performance leak. Just a idea to prevent frame dropping. from what I think, that it can cause a frame randomly displaying a corrupt screen.
I aint got PS2 Tech knowledge but only a little machine engineering. No idea if I get on this timing thingy however I did conclude just by suspect.

plz. follow up here if you did skip my first subject. I'v just a last question about two determinated (hack) options within the GSdx.ini.

Are these functions implemented and whenever it is what do it affect ('UserHacks_HalfPixelOffset=0' and 'UserHacks_SkipDraw=1')

tankz in advice. (sry for my inconvenient english grammar and forget about my insuffizient spelling Smile )

greez V8Bit

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The PS2 uses some internal counters and clock generators from which it ultimately derives H/Vsync timings.
Games do their processing and update the displayed frame according to those.
We need to emulate these counters correctly for games to work right.
So yea, the final frame rate is a product of all the internal timings working according to PS2 specs, and not the other way around.

(Your idea about faking some updates is confusing to me but it doesn't sound like anything of it would be possible.)

The GSdx hacks are implemented. Just set "allowHacks" to 1 and you can configure them in the GSdx gui.
Read the configuration guide for an explanation on them.
i dunno, wasn't pseudonym talking about doing some fakery not so long ago.
We shortcut as much as possible with the current recommended speed hacks.
Well, definitely not as much as possible but I also don't understand the suggestion.
V8Bit: that is eaxctly what they are already doing (yes I understood the question, would have asked it the same way)

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