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Hi guyz,
I was just wondering if I could,U know,get better speed on my Celeron or something like overclocking it to achieve higher speed.Also if anybody can help me with this one I would be very grateful.See the problem is I am using GSDX 1363 SSE2(since its the highest my processor can support) I cant select other advanced versions and even when I can select them they dont work like for e.g. when I selected Dbz Bt3 it ends without even starting.Angry
Intel Celeron 3.2GHz -- Ati Radeon 4650 -- WIndows XP/Vista

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Nope. Overclocking that ancient celeron will probably fry it very fast. That processor was SLOW 6 years ago, now it's ancient history Tongue Seriously, a decent Core 2 Duo at 2,9 Ghz is like 100 euro these days.
With that celeron you will never get any kind of playable speeds with PCSX2 I'm afraid (or any decent game released the past 3 years or so Wacko )
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no you can't OC your celeron.
I purchased a quad core PC with 3GB of ram for a friend for 500 dollars, added 150 for a 4870 videocard and his total became 650. Buying a new PC is really not that expensive these days
Sure thanks for the help guyz really bcuz I was gonna overclock it but now that I know I think a new processor might do the trick.Wink

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