Some forum suggestions
Just a few suggestions for the forums.

1. Disable "Today's Birthdays" show on the main forum page.
 - Sometimes the list is so large and makes the page look weird and untidy. I mean sure it is a nice feature but it makes the website look messy since a large number of users have been registered here.

2. Disable Bots like Yahoo and Google being shown on "Who's Online" in the main forum page.
 - I personally see no use why to display bots on the main forum page. If someone wants to check the list including bots then there is the complete list here.

3. Change how long an user is considered online when refreshing , opening a different forum link or right after leaving the website.
- I recommend 5 mins (default is 30mins I think). This will compensate for reading or replying to a topic.

Thoughts ?
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Bots can't be hidden in MyBB, it's just a way of identifying them. Even if they're deleted they'll just show up as guests

Also, I don't see the point in modifying how often the server checks if a user is online. Default check is 15 minute intervals. At most there is only ~10 humans online at a time, and the rest aren't logged anyways.
#1 is only a problem IMO on days that people often use as fake birthdays (e.g. January 1). I asked #2 a long time ago and Bositman said it was possible but a huge hassle. #3 - default check is 15 mins and I think that's fine, this forum isn't big enough to warrant less interval. Anyway that's just my 2 cents.
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