Some games have graphical problems, help me!!
I use PCSX2, i wanna play FIFA Street, FIFA Street 2, NBA Street games, but this games have some graphical problems.

I'm a notebook user. I have a HP Pavilion DV6-3032 ET.

Intel Core i5 450 m 2.40 ghz
Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1 gb
4 gb ram

My plugin settings;

[Image: dnon0p.jpg]

My gsdx settings;

[Image: qmz03o.jpg]

My speed hack settings;

[Image: 11io5dw.jpg]

And Now my problem;

[Image: 2zp7cl3.jpg]

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Must use a software renderer in GSdx (F9 while playing) for those problems, unfortunately with that CPU you may not get enough speed with it (frameskip and the VU cycle stealing speedhacks may help tho).
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That looks almost path3 maskyish, you could try the EE Timing Fix gamefix, that might just do it.

Edit: Ahh it looks like Shadow Lady has this game, so she's probably right in that case Tongue
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don't these titles use that crappy EA engine that PCSX2 had major problems with awhile back.

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