Some help for settings
Hello all. I'm a french guy so sorry in advance for my bad english. (ANd sorry if my topic isn't in the good forum...)

I'd like to play to Final fantasy X since two or three days and I try to use pcsx 0.9.4 . The game worked but slowly. I try so 0.9.5. That was better but I had some graphic bugs in some places... but the game worked better.

Now, I would like to use the new 1.0 version. The game works really good, is very fast, but I have a lot of, and much more graphic bugs. I'm a little desappointed...I think I must try to have better settings, to adjust better the software because I had problem with version 0.9.5 too...
So please, does anyone can help me to adjust pcsx version Playground in order to play without bugs or problems ? Could you give me precisely the better settings to have with my configuration ?

My Computer :

Intel Core Duo p7350 (2 ghz)
Nvidia Geforce 9600M GS 512 Mo Up to 1791 Mo

Thanks in advance if someone can help me and again, sorry if I post in the wrong place and for this horrible english !

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Sorry ! DOn't worry about me finally ! I have find the problem. It was a bad setting in cpu.

If you have tips to have a faster game but, i take ^^

Sorry for this post !

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