Some help please?
Hi folks;

At the moment, I'm running an i7-870, with 4GB of system ram, paired up with a 1GB Radeon 5750 graphics card. This machine can run most of the 2d stuff with v-sync enabled almost perfectly, but struggles with stuff like Tekken 4 (never mind Tekken 5).

My question is, if I want to get SIGNIFICANTLY better framerates, should I pop for a new graphics card, for example a 1GB GTX 560, or is my CPU not good enough? Basically what I'm asking is, should I just upgrade the GPU, or go for an entirely new build - a new CPU like an i7-2600k paired up with at least a GTX 560? Would this configuration, for example, be enough to run Tekken 4 (and hopefully 5) at full speed with v-sync enabled?

Thanks for any and all answers!

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That's strange, you should be getting good speeds with Tekken 4 at least. Care to post your configuration etc? I suggest you switch to the latest SVN builds:
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Sorry, I totally forgot I made this post. Yeah, it's strange, but I'm getting really crappy speeds, could it be due to having v-sync on? Please ask any questions and I'll try and answer, I can understand Tekken 5 not running well, but I'm very surprised at Tekken 4 running poorly...
Yeah Vsync could be bugging it so turn it off. Also do what I suggested above.
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