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Some interesting test results, on an I7-4770k @ 3.5ghz
Opengl calls are done in the MT driver threads (I'm sure it is the same for DX)
You only have one GPU. GPU configuration (shaders/alpha...) will be done serialy anyway.
The issue is not to send lots of object into the GPU, the issue is to send them as fast as possible. Generally game sends data a couple of frame before on a standard PC to mitigate the enoumous latency of GPU communication. That why an APU could be faster to emulate the GS. A PS2 is only 2 (maybe 1) texture unit, even smartphone got more Wink

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(06-02-2014, 09:09 PM)gregory Wrote: ... (I'm sure it is the same for DX)...

that's the problem. i'm not sure. the implementation is in the sdk. pretty useless code then. but... yeah... it could be done internally. one basicly only sends a surface pointer and description into the multithreaded kernel and it runs a threaded task while it can exit the function and continue the gsdx code. i'd have to debug and trace the code and sh*t to really find out. i'm just to lazy to dive into it. the problem is still progamming sync and signals and waiting for the resource to finish loading to use it tho. Closedeyes but i was guessing the scheme would still work when converting textures. that whole swizzle mess is still somewhere in that gsdx code. that's why i thought one could force couple some of those texture load waits with the vertex list compilation in parallel. like the ps2 actually streams textures while vuing code. just the stupid idea. Smile
I understand what you mean, actually I ask myself this question. With newer API, it would be possible to create some light threading to process vertex/texture data but I'm not sure it would be faster. With SSE (AVX) GSdx likely process quite a number of unswizzle by seconds.
I noticed AVX2 in the plugin selection, I know AVX is just a speedup for software mode so I'm guessing AVX2 is more of the same?
(06-02-2014, 11:20 PM)Fezzer Wrote: I noticed AVX2 in the plugin selection, I know AVX is just a speedup for software mode so I'm guessing AVX2 is more of the same?

you would be right. In hardware mode you just tell the GPU what to do via shaders and DX code, neither of which can be executed (with any point) by AVX or AVX2. Software mode you do all the processing manually on the CPU, so taking advantage of CPU instructions to deal with vertexes is a must for reasonable speeds.
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