Some issues playing on linux
I've got a dual boot set up, between Mint and Windows 7. While pcsx2 works like a charm on Windows, the linux version has some issues I wanted to ask about here:

System information
CPU: Intel i5 3570
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650
Linux distro: Mint 14 Mate
GPU driver: nvidia-experimental-310
PCSX2: pcsx2-unstable 2:5445-2 from the ppa

  • The default selected graphics plugin (ZZ ogl PG CG 0.3.0) doesn't appear to have any option to set the internal resolution. This is what I use on Windows to upscale the image. Is there a way to set this? If not, is there another plugin available for linux users that does support this? This isn't a deal breaker for me, but I'd like to set this if at all possible
  • The audio device I use is the one built into my GPU (digital audio via HDMI). When playing a game sound sounds distorted and very choppy. Sound works fine on Windows. Truth be told I'm not sure how I should be configuring this plugin. I doubt it's a result of general poor performance since my computer appears to blaze through these games with ease

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Cranking up the AA and filtering will help greatly improve the raphics for ZZogl. The stock values for ZZogl are just plain ugly.

Regarding the sound, I at one point was also having scratchy sound issues. For some reason if I switched from ALSA to OSS, hit OK, then switched it back to ALSA it would suddenly work right. Not sure why, but that's what worked for me.
Switching it to jack, then oss, and then alsa did indeed fix the issue. I can't get the graphics quite right but I can live with that. Thanks!

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