Some kinda wierd problems with FFX PAL
I own a PAL PS2 (SCPH-90006, imported from China) and both versions of Final Fantasy X, International and PAL. Of course their contents are identical (Expert Grid, Dark Aeons...) except for the fact that International version is NTSC and the other is PAL.

  1. The PAL version ratio is perfectly 16:9 when playing on PS2. According to this article:
    Quote:Why do some PAL games have black borders?

    If a game is developed using a PAL system, then all 625 lines are used on the screen. Hence, no black borders. However, most games are developed in Japan and the US using only 525 lines, leaving 100 lines redundant. These show as ugly black borders on the top and bottom of your screen and runs approximately sixteen percent slower.
    Seeing a world of fat characters is really annoying. It even become more terrible when I switch TV mode to 16:9. But when playing on PCSX2, the aspect ratio is 4:3. The article quoted above may be correct, but I also own some PAL games such as Shadow of the Colossus, Pro Evolution Soccer... and they are perfectly 4:3 when playing on PS2. After hours surfing the web, I found many who have the same problem with PAL version of FFX when playing on TV. Is there anyone here encounters this?

  2. I obtain the PAL version via torrent. Just burn a disc and play it on my PS2. The game hangs before the cinematic "We call it Sin" (Auron and Tidus stay in place, the sound still plays but the cinematic is not shown). But I play this version on PCSX2 and have met Yuna so far. What kind of problem is that?

  3. After grab a PS2, the first game I played was FFX International and I finish it. Now I play FFX PAL on PCSX2 and I feel it is kinda slower, but the sound are still normal. I'm not sure but I feel something like this. I already know that PAL games run at 50 FPS while NTSC ones run at approximately 60, but I always assume it is the FPS, not the speed. Anyway, do PAL games run slower than their NTSC counterparts?

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Quote:I obtain the PAL version via torrent. Just burn a disc and play it on my PS2.

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