Some problems here !
Hello. I have some big problems, I can't make the Budokai Tenkaichi 3 going well on PCSX2 [ ]. This is what I got [ pic 1 ] on DX10 with those settings [ pic 2 ]

Pic 1:

Pic 2:

This is how it should look... Can someone help me ?

PC Specs:
Intel i5 2500k 3,30 GHz
nVidia GeForce GT240 1 GB DDR3

Is something wrong with my specs ?

Help please !

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Download the latest beta (3878) from the website and under graphics settings use scale (either 2x or 3x, whichever you can use without causing any slow downs).

I assume that's the only problem right? That the game is a little pixelated?
[Image: 2748844.png]
Yes, it looks a little pixelated, shadows conturing the characters [ see on gohan's hair - the liitle gohan ] and there is too much light ! I wanna have the game details like in the youtube video, but, I'm trying from three days, nothing changes... When I chose DX9, There is too much dark, when I chose DX10, there is too much light [ pic 1, in the front of the char, there is a blue line or shield, too much light ]. The FPS is verry good, I can play very well but I want better details ... Can be my PC the problem ? What should I do ? Can you show me a good configuration ? I'll download that beta.

Thanks a lot anyways !

Umm, I changed the scale but I got very low fps [ 18 ] and I can't play :|...



With the newest beta version I can't acces the DX10 ... just DX9 and it looks bad with low fps... Any help ?

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