Some questions I have
I plan on getting a laptop pretty soon and have some questions about this software; for starters, would a computer that runs at 2.10Ghz with 4Gb of RAM and windows vista be theoretically able to run the emulator? Second, when setting up controller button layout, are you able to save different layouts for different games? 'Cause the layout I'd use for Ace Combat would differ from that I'd use for Armored Core. Also is it possible to boot game data off of the harddrive and not just the disk, I don't want to carry around a bunch of PS2 game disks if could just copy them (legally) to the computer. Finally, I've never beeb able to get a PS1 emulator to run right, it seems pointless to ask this but would this emulator run PS1 games? If not does the predessor to this emulator work the same way as far as just poping a CD in the drive and running it? I'm tired of PS1 emulators that recquire ROMS off the internet to work. Thank You for your time.

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Theoretically -- yes. But on practice this CPU is slow. You would not be able to play anything at full speed with a few exceptions (Disgaea and some other 2d games). PS1 games does not run on pcsx2.
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1) Depends on the Game and ofc what kind of CPU it is, if it's a single core for example it would probably run but not achieve playable speeds if it's a core 2 duo it may be able to play some games with nice speed using speed hacks and it also depends on what graphic cards you have. Check this thread to get more of an idea.

2) You could save/load the changes with lilypad controller as you want.

3) Yes you can keep ISOs of your games in your drive and run them with the ISO plugin.

4) No the emulator doesnt run PSX games and I dont recall PSX emus needing ROMs to work Oo
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Thanks for the info guys! Smile

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