Some questions about my computer
I was wondering or rather im asking if my computer can run pcsx2 and there is only 1 game i want to play,you see im a collector and i have ALOT of games but when i was younger i sold my all time favorite,dark cloud,i know its weird but now i cant find a single game anywhere,all ive found are fakes.
Ill post my computers graphik and processor

-Nvidia geforce 8500 gt
-amd phenom 8400 triple core

And since im no computer whiz at any level i couldnt find out my RAM but i can say its a ready assembled computer and bought it at 2009.
Is there anyway i can run the emulator?and if i can then please tell me or screenshoot pics of how i should set the plugins to get it to run.
And thanks for any help HappyHappy

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I think you'll be fine with those specs.

For configuration and such, go here
Another thing is that ive tried to do some configs and such but dont really understand,i read the guide and so on but as i said before,im not really any good at configs,to be honest i kinda suck at understanding it xD
Ok so far all i have found out is that i dont know ***** about what im doing....
could anyone with the similar graphik card and processor give me atleast a tip since i really think i have tried ALL options but nothing works,either the game crashes or it laggs like heck....

Try to check the [Recommended] Speedhacks 1st. For your vid card, you'll be fine using the native resolution in the gpu plugin.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz
Vid Card: Geforce 9400GT
OS: Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
Ok so far ive got to play abit but the sounds still lagging and it slows down inlots of places,it doesnt slow down as long as im close up in camera and have smaller parts in the camera.
The sound is a problem now,it shifts and is rocky alot.
Apart from that the game runs decent,well the BIGGEST problem is that in dark cloud when i change charracter like its meant to be done the emulator crashes,any solutions or tips are greatly appreciatedMellow

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