Some random questions
Is it my understanding that the guys that are working on PCSX2 are the same or some of the same that worked on PCSX? If so, wouldn't be a good idea to have a sort of progress chart like the one on the PCSX site, to show an estimated progress of emulation for each system component?

The the other question was will the compatibilty list ever get updated on the pcsx2 site or is that obsolete?

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PCSX2 was indeed started by the authors of PCSX.
They long left the team and moved on though, PCSX2 is now 8 years old Wink
Having a chart about what is done and what isn't would be pretty difficult for the like 200 things related to PS2 emulation.
I doubt we'll want to create and manage this.
PCSX2 and plugins emulate about 80 to 90% of the stuff though. All that's missing is usually not important for games (with the exception of some Firewire and USB titles).

The compatibility list is irregularly getting updated. Consider it a hint to the status
of your game, not a guarantee.
ok, thanks for the reply Smile Hard to believe it's been active for 8 years! most impressive!

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