Some tests and bug reports
testing enviroment:
windows vista 64 SP1
gsdx plugin DX10 version 872m
i experienced no issues with any other plugin so im not posting it, its default set anyway.

well lets say i have an aquired taste and as soon i saw the background release i made my batch of testings and im posting here my results... there we go:

Fatal Frame 2 and 3:
id love to see thios game running on pcsx2, since years ago ive been trying these games on pcsx2.

results: as always and always, black screen after start menus, u choose the level(easy or normal) then u see now loading ... then black screen.

tales of abbys: the game got better speeds compared to normal pcsx2 but the ghosting issue, the menu problems and the anoying fps drop down to 30 when 4+ characters on screen at same time(seens like all gfx plugin issues)

haunting ground: really slow, gamma erros, shadow blocks around the characters, screen flickering(even with frame skip turned off)

wild arms 5: broke, controller goes unresponsive, music falls into endless loop, sometimes goes to intro cutscene wich runs full speed, but the game runned fine on pcsx2 0.9.5 svn 377, so something gone wrong there.

resident evil outbreak: congrats, full speed, no glitches no lags, 100% cutscenes working... feels like im playing a direct port of this game on my pc, only issue is.... dont save =(, anyawy save states can be used but i feel like cheating the game like that.(ps: i played through entire outbreak scenario)

king of fighters neo wave: =/, why is a 2d game so slow?, anyway runs fine.... but a lot slow.... 30 fps

valkirie profile 2(my fav) : this program stoped working and will be closed, sad T_T, the pcsx2 console says "vmhack"

star ocean 3: again the vmhack thing... i think thats a issue with the tri-ace games XD

odin sphere: again a 2d game running sooo slow, well maybe i gota get another video plugin for those, but its fully running , its full speedy on the prologue btw.

persona 3 fes: worst than on pcsx2 0.9.5, same glitches, same slow down when 5+ characters on screen and actualy more glitches than on 0.9.5 =(

grandia 3: fps remains like pcsx 0.9.5 30 on open wide areas, 60 on closed areas, and 30 fps on batle with many enemies or bosses, the gfx plugins is actualy more bugy.

clock tower 3: runs perfectly, no glitches full speedy, but the cutscenes get some totaly flickering.

well those are all my favorite games, as u can see only 2 of em runned perfectly, and for a coincidence both are capcom's survival horror/panic, and i think both uses same graphical engine(resident evil outbreak and clock tower 3) therefore both tri-ace rpgs gets the same vmhack problem, and the 3 fatal frames nanco titles , entire franchise gets the same identical error.

in overall the playground version, got more speed and less glitches, but sometimes gets exactly same problems as normal pcsx2, but i must say playground version is my favorite now except for wild arms 5 that was a perfect running title b4 and not anymore.

ps: all tests were done using my own games directly from its dvds, no images were used.

thx, and sorry if i did an unessesary thread.

bye Wink
Asus p5n-e Sli
c2d e6750 @ 3.600 mhz
4gb DDR2 800 Kingston
500 gb sata2 Seagate
2 x geforce 9600 gt 512
enermax noisetaker

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Oh well, here goes:
tales of abbys - playground has at least 3 critical bugs in this game fixed.
haunting ground - gsdx problem, enable software render to fix it.
wild arms 5 - spu2ghz problem, use zerospu2.
valkirie profile 2 and star ocean - hmm Tongue2
odin sphere: runs nice and fast here, ever did.
persona 3 fes (and persona4) - playground lets you fix the occasional hangs in battles, no new bugs i've encountered.

PCSX2 has gotten a lot better than your testing shows Smile
And you can have that version of pcsx2 playground too if you look at the stickies and get the latest beta XD
Odin sphere pal is always between 45-50 ( limited ), Grandia 3 finished already gets really slow on some parts that are nether videos and gameplay, only real slow battle is the 1º boss in air temple below 30fps, always 45 and above, Persona 3 fes just check VU options always close to max except 1º block guardian, still have some floor glitchs, still stops without reason some times but thats rare ppr479 i normally use save stats, normal save still doesn't detect memory card, i wonder if latest ppr fix the hangs is dificult to test since is rare, if Persona 4 hangs are fixed with EE chop is it possible the same happen with Persona 3 fes.
C2D E6550 @ 2333 Mhz oc 3010 Mhz vcore 1.2750v | HD2600XT | P5KC | 1 + 1 GB G.Skill 6400HK 860
Yes, it's the same problem. FPU does some floating point MUL's and ends up with wrong values in Persona battles (nearest roundmode).
Odin sphere - use ZeroGS. GSDX is quite slow in some games (probably faster with DX10 or something). Runs perfectly with ZeroGS for me.
Doesn't make any diference to me, GSdx at max speed in odin sphere but i think i never tried dx9 on this game.
C2D E6550 @ 2333 Mhz oc 3010 Mhz vcore 1.2750v | HD2600XT | P5KC | 1 + 1 GB G.Skill 6400HK 860
Well either you have a high-end graphics card or indeed DX10 is much faster with that game.
Here (9600GT, DX9) GSDX runs the first voiced ("Griselda") scene at the intro at 50%-60%, while ZeroGS runs it at above full speed.
C2D 6550 2.33ghz and a ati hd2600xt
C2D E6550 @ 2333 Mhz oc 3010 Mhz vcore 1.2750v | HD2600XT | P5KC | 1 + 1 GB G.Skill 6400HK 860

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