Some working games I've been playing

I've tried King of Fightes IX just now and it worked beautifully. I know it's a 2D game but since KOF are so popular, I figured I should write it. If you really want to play it its alot easier on your machine to just play KOF 2003 or one of its many incarnations in a MAME style emulator though. But I tried it anyways.

I used:
GSDX with 1680x1050 internal res full screen DX9 mode. With Texture Filtering, Alpha Blending and Log Z.
SPU2-X for sound.
Speed Hacks: All except VU Cycle Stealing and Min/Max Hack.

Also I've been playing SRW MX. The game is more than playable but there are a few very minor issues: If I used texture filtering to get nice sprites for the battle scene I get some minor garbage with some lines and little scree squares of garbage (very tolerable,at least to me). All of that goes away using texture filtering grayed out but the sprites are terribly pixelated. As for the sound it's right on, except for the fact that like a second (maybe less) of the speeches of the characters gets either repreated (or anticipated, I can't tell) at the end of every sentences. It's a bit annoying but that's all. The only other problem is that you get a considerable slowdown when your map screen is overpopulated with either units or the 3D constructs of the map itself. But I guess I don't have a processor powerfull enough.

My PC:
Q6600 at 2.4 Ghz
Nvidia 9600GT 1 GB DDR3 RAM
Windows XP SP3

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Use the screenshots thread for reporting games that you got working and the settings you used. Add some screenshots too Tongue
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Oh Ok. I thought that the thread was if you wanted to post screenshots per say.

I'll do that then. One question. How do I upload the screenshots? to ImageShack or somehting and then I link a thumb?

You can upload them as an attachment on the forum. Push the add reply button to use the advanced reply form and you'll find it at the bottom there
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