Something from the person that started all this..
Hey i just cross by to say what a nice job you have done with pcsx2 and pcsx2-playground

It recently tried pcsx2-playground and i started to cry when i saw bios work at 200fps while i remember that the first time we had this running was crappy and about 2fps Smile

Anyway congrats Smile

and shadow is always watching Laugh

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Hey shadow,these days most don't even know you but i do Wink
Yeah PCSX2 has come a looooooooooooong way since the days of you and linuzappz struggling with GSsoft at 3 fps and us testers spending hours to run the BIOS Laugh
It's really nice to see you around and there is always a spot for you whenever you feel like coding again or doing anything related to PCSX2 Smile
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Nice to hear from you Shadow. Smile
I never got to talk to you, I came around too late, but thanks a lot for starting this project. Hope you'll follow the project's update as time go on, and also, what bosit said. Should you ever be interested again .... XD

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