Something strange about the presets
I'm using pcsx2-r4713.
Is this how the option "Preset" is supposed to work or...
Any change to your setting(Emulation Settings)is deleted once you enable the presets option.When you disable it you have to reconfigure everything(EE,VU,GS,Speed Hacks and Game Fixes)

I may be wrong but I don't remember it this way.You can use different presets but once you uncheck the preset box,all of your previous settings are back...not once you enable the presets,everything is reset to default and you have to reconfigure everything when you disable/uncheck presets

Actually why "Preset" is locking panels that any preset don't make any change to it?

If preset is enabled,all of the tab/panels are locked(except GS Window)and you can't change anything even if none of those 6 presets is changing something for some tab/panel.

EE/IOP - nothing is changed no matter what preset you use
VU - only the Clamping mode is changed from normal to none
GS - you can't change the frame skipping settings even though none of the 6 presets are doing anything to this panel
Game Fixes - again like GS...nothing is enabled but you can't use the panel if some preset is enabled.

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I'll quote my previous reply:

(06-17-2011, 11:36 AM)avih Wrote: Not sure what exactly you ask, but the presets only lock settings which they affect (affect = set to a specific value which can also be the default value). If a value is not affected by presets and it still gets locked when presets are enabled, then it's a bug, so please let us know if you find one.

Also, how is this related to the topic of this thread?

And say again, the presets behave the same as 0.98, so it's NOT an svn build or recent change related.

What exactly is your question?

Please read my reply again, and after you understood it, let me know if you still think it behaves improperly.

The presets are meant to impose sane values with various degrees of speed hacks applied. So presets prevent someone choosing interpreter and then complaining that the game runs slow. Same goes for vsync and all other settings which are forced to default values.

So if a preset forces a value, default or not, it's grayed out at the config.

Also, using/changing presets is similar to any other config changes, they don't "stick" until you press Apply/OK, so you can always press cancel and get back to the previous settings.

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