Sonic Heroes runs in Japanese, but it's an english disc???
I don't even know how this happens, but it does... I ripped my sonic heroes disc to my computer and it plays in japanese, text and voices. BUT IT'S NTSC. Y? Y U DO DIS SOOONIC THE HOOODGHIG? Any ideas on how to run it in english??? I'm using v1.1.0.

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Doesn't that game have dual audio can't you just change it to english?
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I.... actually maybe. I'll see what I can find...
stupid question, but did you set your bios to english language ?
then performed a full boot ?
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I guess, that worked... to some degree. I changed the text and voice to english in the menu, but it still wanted to default to japanese text on the first menu for file selection. I tried full boot, and it seems to work every time now. THANK!

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