Sonic Unleashed
I own the game before you attack me Smile

So I was trying to play sonic unleashed and I know it is a global issue according to other forums. Basically, the game starts up fine, controls work, great framerate on a (qx6700 @ 3.85 ghz, 6 gigs of ram, hd3870x2, and my server, q6600 6x500hds in raid 5, 2x raid 0 (server 2003) 6 gigs of ram, x1900xtx) So what happens is when you start playing, you see sonic and objects, but static things like the world and the sky are black. However, you may seem them for split seconds randomly. And you can see clearly if you press start. Does anyone know a solution? It would be so ridiculously awesome if the lovely emulator creators could possibly debug and fix this game. Or if there is a settings work around.
On a sidenote why do forum names have to be so short Sad

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