Sonic Unleashed
the introductory FMV of SU works perfectly and looks GREAT btw.
Alas, as soon as the ingame gfx kick in the game stop workin , resp.
the gfx are totally jumbled up.

any workaround yet ?!?

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as far as I've been asking around, not yet so far. You can make it 'slightly playable', but still very very hard to play in general (lots of graphical issues)
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please help!!
I use controller and
but sonic does nothing or goes around. please help!!!!!!! and i use ssspsx PAD plugin pressure´╗┐ mod 1.7.0 .
Use Lilypad and configure the analog controls properly.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Strange, for me Sonic Unleashed is 95% playable (I still unable to made proper hair glow) with ZZogl and ZeroPad.

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