Sorry, but Speed Question >_<
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Foreword: I'm so sorry that I am posting something like this after the wonderful sticky post by Bositman.

From all accounts I think I have enough to run the emulator decently well, but I may be missing something. Well, I really HOPE I'm missing something.

If we can't find that something is wrong with my settings, than I suppose the next step would be to figure out what I can do to make things better.

So, first off: Yes, I am running this off a Laptop. I am so sorry. -__- I am also testing everything on .hack//G.U. vol 1 and Soul Calibur III

Processor - Intel Core i5 3210m @ 2.50ghz
Graphics Card - Intel HD Graphics 4000
Physical RAM - 4gigs
(I don't know what else to put as far as hardware goes)

As for settings, I'll screen grab all of it

[Image: Bios.png]

[Image: GSSettings.png]

[Image: Speedhacks.png]

[Image: VU.png]

[Image: EEIOP.png]

So there you go, if you can see anything I've: done wrong, can change, or need to do, PLEASE let me know.

Thank You so much.

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Turn clamping and rounding back to the BOLD (default) settings. Both for EE and VU.

Then try first:

EE speedhack slider. Tick it to 1, try, tick it to 2, try. You get the idea.

If that doesn't get it fast enough, then do the same with the VU slider.

But unfortunately, your laptop isn't really strong enough. Also make sure your power plan is on high performance.

Also SCIII is major demanding.
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