Sorry... newbie here... nothing works.
I haven't altered anything in the original state it came in. This is PCSX's newest version. I was attempting to run a mounted .iso file through PowerISO. The bios would run, but when it would get time to run the game, it would freeze and shut down. No error message or anything.

Then, I altered something in the configuration (nothing advanced), and now, it won't even hit BIOS. IT just says something about a GS error.

I'm sure what I'm doing wrong is probably something very, very simple. But any help would be appreciated.

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Reinstall (or undo changes), rip the game to some directory and use the included plugin accessible through the pcsx2 program to choose which game to run. No need to mount anything.
Like Shallow said, try not to mount the ISO. It's more effective to run it directly by using the Linuz Iso CDVD plugin.

About that GS error, are you sure you have the latest DirectX and have installed Visual C++ 2008 Redist?
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Tried the solution you guys offered. Now it just says something about an error opening the CDVD plugin. I put the .ISO in a folder, then set Linuz Iso CDVD plugin to load it. When I click "Run", it just gives me the error I mentioned.

EDIT: I actually get TWO pop up windows. First saying "Error loading (file)" then the second one that says it's an error opening the CDVD plugin.
That iopxxx.iso file is NOT the ISO we are talking about. This is what we mean, and you can do it with a program like imgburn
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oh well...
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