SotC locks up with garbage graphics after latest commits
since the latest commits SotC graphics become garbage during intro and Emulator locks up completely.

[img][Image: bildschirmfotovom201783xoy.png][/img]

PCSX2 1.5 Git

SotC ntsc


i7 4770K @4Ghz
Geforce 670 4Gb
latest stable drivers

no hacks
Accurate Date
Large framebuffer
native Resolution
progressive scan
InGame widescreen enabled
Trilinear ultra
AF 16x
Blending Unit high
CRC partial
Mipmapping off
speedhacks: safe

without MTVU hack, Game doesn't lock down but a small flickering line can be seen, that hasn*t been there before.

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You need to give me the exact commits, last good and first bad. And don't use trilinear filtering.

Edit: I manage to reproduce it Sad I will try to find the bad commit.
Hi gregory, thanks for your reply.

I'm sorry since I'm using PCSX2 through your ppa, I don't khnow how to revert back to earlier commits.
But i'm a great Fan of this Emulator and I have used every build before.
I can say since the last update of ppa to the current the, problem exist.

Why not using trilinear ultra? this is what makesĀ  the graphics so great at native Resolution.

Ok I testet witthout trilinear ultra and with trilinear normal and the problem for me is still there!

[img][Image: bildschirmfotovom2017x1jg6.png][/img]

I can see you are on it!
thanks in advance!
It was just a warning on trilinear. It seems a lots of user enable it. I'm afraid, it will generate more forum issue report. Trilinear slow is quite heavy and can trigger various bugs. For the record, you have 3 way to implement the extra filtering.
1/ AF
2/ mipmap fast + trilinear normal
3/ trilinear ultra

Trilinear ultra is maybe the best for sotc. But it depends on the game.

Debug is still on-going but I think I have found the bad commit. And soon I will have the line change that created the regression.
Oh thank you so much! You are saving my weekend!

I know about the problems filtering related, but with SotC these settings are just great and look stunning!

thank you and the whole team for your great work Happy Rolleyes
I'm trying to fix the issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is a complex issue. I still don't get it what it doesn't work.
is it better now ?
yea, it does not crash anymore
but Smile there's still that small horizontal line that bothers me.
You can see it right at the beginning of the intro at the under third of the screen (sorry for my english, i'm bit out of it)
you need to have eagles eyes to see it, but it's there.
Its's a bit sad, cause before those MTVU commits last week, the emulation of this great Game had been near perfect!
This Gem is essential for PS2 emulation, so I hope you are able to find out what really went wrong.
thank you very much for your great support!
Please give me a screenshot. My eyesight is quite poor
here's one
look at the bottom of the Screenshot.
it's very minor and you really have to badly zoom in to see it.

[img][Image: bildschirmfotovom2017fozbr.png][/img]

hope you can spot it

by the way have there been changes to the forced trilinear filtering?
cause the image doesn't look as smooth as before, rather looks like normal trilinear with lot's of flickering

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