Soul Calibur 3
Hey, i played SC 3 with Revision 3795 without any Problems with the new Versions 3891 or 3899 i get this Screen.

All that happens is the Screen is freezing and then the Emulator crushed.

Maybe u cann have a look on it


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Not a bug report, moved
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(10-08-2010, 10:13 AM)Bositman Wrote: Not a bug report, moved

Ur right its a brand new car .... i mean whtas wrong ?!

The version numbers are in the text and on the screen also i wrote what the problem is.

its all in standart mode and i tryed it with every GFX plugin. same thing happend

If u need to know more pls ask me.
You totally ignored the rules as to how to post a bug report:
Just making reports with no plugin listing, full settings and plugin settings is mostly useless.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Sure but its all standart nothing changed .. so why should i post every addon when everything is standart i just want to help .. im sorry
There is no 'standard', you choose which plugins to use at the first time configuration wizard. If you're too bored to list a bunch of plugins and their settings, why should the devs bother to fix the bugs you report?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Take it easy Bositman. Laugh

Joys,he means that nobody will answer you because it is not official beta r3113. Only betas are alowed to talk about.
how do u uplaud atachments i tried and it didnt take?
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You see... there's a reason why unofficial builds aren't allowed for support... for example that revision you're trying is a branch (newdmac) which is highly unstable and it's still work in progress, you're lucky if it even boots some games, you're not supposed to be playing games with it, let alone be making bug reports with it when the devs know it's not finished yet...

If you want to make bug reports please follow the sticky in the bug report forum and do it with the latest official beta (r3878):
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Wai a sec. Isn't r3113 latest rev.for windows ?

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