Soul Calibur 3
Does any1 have a good config for soul calibur 3 on a directx 9/xp system?

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Uh... default settings work fine most of the time...

If you have speed problems please post your PC specs and current settings so we can help better, if you have any other kind of problem please tell us so we can try to help.
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I have a core 2 duo 2.3ghz, 2gb ddr2 800mhz, geforce 6800. Im running pcsxe 0.9.7 sse3 gfx plugin with standard settings except for res set to native. i get full frame rate in the menu but it wont allow me to do anything except move my selection with the left analog stick (using std lilly pad plugin) - winxp sp2, dx 9.

if i use zerog's gfx plugin its even worse
GeForce 6800 or GeForce 8600 ?

If it is a GeForce 6800, this GPU is way too old for pcsx2 to run at good speeds even in native resolution.
and your cpu clock rate is a little bit low for this game, overclocking may help.
I am sure whatever you try in speedhacks settings you won't get very good speeds, because the 6800 is a huge bottleneck especially if it is the 128 MB DDR1 version.
Is it the controlls that aren't working? Or is the game its self not playing corectly?
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ive got a geforce 6800 gt. but it wont let me get past the menu to see what frame rates i would get. it lets me move my selection left or right but thats all.

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