Soul Calibur 3 Ghosting Problem Fixed
Hello again folks!
I'm trying to get Soul Calibur 3 working and I can get it running at a nice playable pace, the only problem is the stages are overlaying a ghost over the screen there a video here:
(sound on first video is a screen recorder problem)

is this just due to me using an NTSC version?



Problem Lessened for Hardware Rendering - Use GSDX 962 (best for speed for me)
(or use a Gsdx plugin before rev 1426 * ty Groovebox81)

This method replaces the annoying ghosting with a slightly less annoying all over ghosting which darkens the screen slightly but doesnt vary in consistency and pattern like current versions

My now prefered method when playing is still software colours look much better but some levels perform poorly ranging from 98% at worst and 190% at best, frame limiting set to 60 and using pal 50 (100% can be laggy game runs better at 120%) Menus and character select are 40%-60% speed which is annoying

// edit 20th august 09 - The Latest SVN r1653 runs SC3 much quicker than the public versions.

All Threads Videos ...
Youtube - SC3 Using Latest gdsx dx10 hardware and 3 different settings
Youtube - SC3 Using Latest gdsx dx10 Software runs much better off screen capture
Youtube - SC3 Using gdsx 962 dx10 hardware

P.S. If you see any advancements on these methods please let me know Laugh

2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT

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You should post your plugins and their set ups. It will be hard for people to give you help if they don't know what you are doing.
most sucessfully MicroVU and frame limiting have produced the best results. I have to re-setup pcsx2 for playing between tekken 5 and soul calibur 3 so its hard to say exactly what settings i use everytime. This problem however is persistant over all configs i've tried.
2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT
That doesn't tell us your computer setup, including processor, ram, and video card.

Also something to note about his video is that he has VU cycle stealing hack turned all the way on. This may give increased FPS, but if that game was running with frame limit on, the game would appear to be running SLOW even though it'd be running at 60fps. That video is quite misleading.
hehe, so nice to be talked about in the third person. I wouldn't say the video is misleading quite the opposite. I put 3 labeled clips one with max vu stealing, no vu stealing and one with frame skipping, all real time.

I use, As per YouTube video info:
2x 2.8ghz xeons
4gig ram
8800gt 512mb
vista 64
2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT
I also have that over laying and also some graphical bugs with characters like that :

Is there a known solution for this?
I use gsdx 1611, pcsx2 svn 1614
Huhhere is the setup i'm using for testing now:
gsdx 1635, pcsx2 1633

Got a copy of the PAL version running at 50Hz, it seems to run with the same "ghosting" over the entire screen.

Thanks for your time folks.
2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT
For remove "ghosting" use software mode...the only working method (but very slow except if u have i7 xD).
Thanks Backgammon that works great!

The game runs really well in software ... but I cant record it in 7 sw thread gsdx mode because the screen recorder requires some cpu power too.this is it running on 6 sw threads.

So I wonder where the problem in the Hardware renderer is ?
2xE5462@3081MHz Xeons : 4GB 800Mhz RAM : 8800GT
Well thats not for me i run sw with 15 fps ;/
my another problem is (which i didnt have at beggining) is something really strange, i have game running perfectly but menu is working bad ... sometimes i must wait mnutes or hit buttons milion times to do something .... like go down to command list or to next tutorial trial .. its really annoying

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