Soul Calibur III
I know the game its not fully playble but I want to share how I run this game:
Specs: AMD x4 Phenom 9550,2GB RAM, 9600GT
PSCX2 svn r534 - GSDX 1.14 - DX10 - native.
Configs are made into the speedhacks.

1st CFG:
EE; Default - INTC,IOP, and WC on
This one allows you to see fully Intro movie and menus but Ingame wont go more than 31 fps -

2nd CFG
EE; x3 - INTC,IOP and WC on
This one no menus at all and missing graphic but ingame runs at 60fps

EE, on X1.5 or 2 wont run beyond the 31 fps and will have missing graphics

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