Soul Calibur III Cheat Assistance
Hey folks. I'm about to post an issue that's likely been tackled before, but I couldn't find any resolution for. I'm trying to enable the ActionReplay cheats I have for Soul Calibur III from CodeJunkies and can't seem to get it right. I followed this handy guide here, even watched the full video tutorial, and while it did teach me a lot it didn't have any effect on the game. I searched around the net a bit and found some older threads here and a suggestion to change some of the format specified by the guide, using lower case letters in the codes themselves and replacing "extended" with "word" in the text lines. I noticed that the .pnach file I downloaded for SC3 had the widescreen patch line in that format as well, so it seemed to make sense. But when I changed the rest of them, still nothing. This is what my .pnach looks like at the moment. And THIS is what the console looks like when I enable the cheats. If you can tell me what I'm doing wrong or missing, please let me know.

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