Sound Lag?
I'm wondering is there a way to make sure there is as little as possible so i can play games at normal speed using pcsx2 0.96 or beta.

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If your game is not running at full speed you WILL have sound lag. So you must find a way to make the game work full speed (although it might not be possible with your PC for some games)
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You'll need to clarify what lag you mean.
There is lag when the game doesn't run at full speed (50fps PAL, 60FPS NTSC)
and there is lag due to too big buffers, which cause the sounds playing later than they happen.
Well in that case instead of 60 FPS NTSC most of the time it's in low 40's and sometimes 50's.
Ok, in that case use the latest beta of pcsx2 and plugins, set GSdx to use native res, and try a few speedhacks.

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