Sound Plugin Problem
I am having a small trouble the with sound plugins, even with 40fps the voices is slow with SPU2-X v1.4. An example of this is that it is trying to say Hello over a long distance but i cant find any configure to change that so im guessing it isn't thats problem and SPU2GHZ-B1.9 + the sound repeats itself straight after it starts being said

Computer Specs -
Intel Pentuim Dual CPU E2140 1.60GHZ
1.00GB RAM
32 Operating System Vista
Radeon X1300/1500

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40 fps is not full speed so its not wierd that the sound wont run at full speed.
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You can try "Async mix" synchronizing mode in SPU2-X but it may go out of sync or even break games.

As GamerGeek said 60FPS is full speed and you're not getting it so the voice being slow is expected, you also didn't post your PCSX2 or plugin settings or even the game you were trying so it's difficult to help with your speed problem but seeing you have a slow PC there's probably not much we could do anyway.
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