Sound but Black Screen?
Hi i'm new here and I need some help everytime I try to play any game, I can hear the sound but the screen is just black. Im using the newest beta 1474. I updated my direct x and im pretty sure I configured it correctly. I also have a problem with 0.9.6. everytime I open it for any game, it shows the ps2 beginning but then it crashes right after.

here are my specs:

Intel Dual Core CPU @ 3.0GHZ
2GB of Ram
Intel 82945g Express Chipset Family 244 MB
Windows XP Professional SP3

What is the problem?

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Try software mode and see if it does the same thing. If software mode works, try downloading the latest drivers from Intel for your integrated GPU.
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well i did both things you did but i still have the problems . idk what it is but i still bet no picture. would reinstalling the program work?
Did you try with the PCSX2 0.9.6 stable? maybe try zerogs plugin
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i have tried 0.9.6 stable and for some reason pcsx2 crashes anytime I try to use Zerogs plugin. i have changed all of the settings for every plugin and i still cant get anything
problem is not ur pcsx2 configuration.Problem is in graphics card.You
have a built-in agp.ur cpu and ram is quite fast for pcsx2.the only things is
ur graphics card.Upgrade it soon.

Anyway, there is a way to still play ps2 games on PC using pcsx2 for u
without upgrading.DO NOT UPGRADE UR PCSX2 plug-in very much.
Built-in cards can not handle latest graphics plug-in,try
less than or equal to gsdx1076.(i recommend
u this )

do not update ur plugin above that 1076.

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