Sound problems
Basically, with any plugin I try, my sound is messed up.

Its either jerky, or not in sync, or both. I've tried the newest version, an older version, nothing seems to work.

Any help is much appreciated.

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I bet this is the reason:

Your games are not running at normal speed. You need 50 Frames per second (FPS) for PAL games (Europe), 60 FPS for NTCS games (America, Japan).

If you like have 25 FPS with PAL game your game is running at 50% speed and thats why sound sounds so weird from time to time when game lags, fps drops, etc.
WHen I play FF XII, I get about 20, but when I played Kingdom Heart II, I was getting about 50, the game was running fine, except the sound had a 2 second delay.

Any word on how to fix this?
if you goto confid > sound. There are some options there you can try.

I use time scaling works like a charm. If your getting low fps but want the sound, use real time mode, but this will make things out of sync.
I'm using P.E.OpS. SPU2 Dsound plugin, anyone help me configure this so I can play?
Goto CPU>limit FPS, i had this too and made a silly post because i didnt read the setup guide Tongue
Cheers azure, works perfectly now. Thanks Smile
New problem Sad

When using the ZeroGS graphics plugin, the screen is too bright. But when I use GSdx, I get a grey screen now and the program stops responding. I was able to play with GSdx for about 5 minutes until I got the first grey screen. Any other plugin, the emulator doesn't recognize its there.
turn your screen brightness down, or if your using an nvidia card, you can make it reconize the program, and have it auto ajust every time you start it.
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Any solution other than that? I'd rather not have to adjust my brightness everytime I wanna play PS2

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