Sound scratchs + 2.1 speakers X-230
Hi there Smile

Now I was helped to run PCSX2 properly, I just decided to open a new thread because I exprienced some strange sound effects with my X-230 speakers.

Sometimes, the sound makes some scratchs, like if the sound is too high and the speakers can't make it.

However, the sound level is at 30% and my speakers never did that, even in a higher sound level or playing a music with very high bass.

I have a ALC889 chipset audio card.
I keep the default settings for the audio options on PCSX2:
-> Linear
-> XAudio 2
-> Latency 160 ms
-> all boxs unchecked

Thank again for your help and have a good day everyone Wink

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I don't quite understand what you mean, try changing the SPU2-X output module or changing sound plugins I guess.
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Sorry, I am french and I think the words I want to use are not so good.

Actually, when I play a game in PCSX2, I had some strange noises (like if the frequency on my speakers is too powerful and my speakers can't manage it, whereas the sound level is only at 30%).

I will try to change the output mode and see if it changes anything Smile

Thank for your help Wink
Hi there Smile

I tried to change output module and audio plugin but it didn't change anything.

It sounds like "cracklings" and it's quite strange.

Anybody has an idea ?

Thank again and have a good evening Wink
Are you using the latest SPU2-X? I suggest you use the one from the December 30 plugin pack (beta)
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Hi and thank for your answer Smile

I thought the last version of PCSX2 was built with the last beta version of SPU2-X. Actually,I was wrong :s sorry Wink

I just downloaded it and it seems to work fine now Smile

Thank you so much Wink
Glad it worked for you Wink
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