Sparking - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 trainer/editor
I guess Final Fantasy monopoly over editors/trainers ends.;p

Here it goes - Sparking - a Budokai Tenkaichi 3 trainer/editor, works in EU, US and JP(Sparking Meteor) versions.
Latest version:
Warning: Requires PCSX2 0.9.8 or later
(basically any version with new pnach file system/organized memory, so 0.9.7+ actually, but I dunno exact revision, I checked 0.9.6 and all I can say for sure, that I'm not gonna support it, never ever and damn I glad pcsx2 changed the way it did, any of the more advanced functions of this trainer would be nearly impossible or rather very troublesome to make on those ancient pcsx2 versionsTongue).

Probably an important info: the program attaches to the first process which has "pcsx2" string included, you'll have to press "attach to PCSX2" if the pcsx2 wasn't running when you opened the trainer.
Now also has an option to open choosen process and/or choose game version manually in case of unexpected problems.

Another important info: If you have Windows 8, open the trainer in Windows 7 compatibility mode, it should work without this as well, but might ocassionally have some problems which shouldn't exist, apparently cheat engine joined the club of not having much love towards Win8;p. ~Thanks to Suzeren10 for this info.

And one more: If you use 125% DPI at your windows, you might press the DPI button in the trainer which might correct it's looks slightly, but I don't guarantee everything will be more readable or whatever, I never use win DPI settings myself(not even on hdtv o.o). This button will basically divide the font by scale making it fit it's place better on 125% dpi, higher DPI's will probably look bad on both, and are not supported(I mean the trainer will still work, it'll just have messed up interface;p).

And one extra: While trainer shouldn't really have much problems being applied on game loaded from savestate if you jump between savestates made during gameplay some saved parameters can ocassionally carry over from previous ones and cause some annoyances, it shouldn't really matter for normal cheats, but keep this in mind while having Limit Break II cheat activated since it does have quite a few extra variables.

Currently the interface is packed with loads of stuff:
Most stuff is described now in included pdf manual which is and hopefully will be updated each version so just look in there if you have questions what some stuff is doing. Especially stuff in Customize menu. If you're just into simple cheats you'll not even have to do that, and if you wonder ~ to activate cheats in story mode you'll have to fully "check" the "Cheats Enabled" checkbox, it disables some other features of the trainer through. Also make note most stuff have mouse-over descriptions.
If you're not interested with "Limit Break II" cheat and it's customization features you don't have much reason to upgrade the trainer since that's pretty much only thing I'm improving, you might grab some version with the "Load" button if you have one without through, since it allows to use powerup profiles to store normal cheat sets and quickly load them even without the use of mentioned cheat.

Since most fun I have creating this comes from Limit Break II cheat here's a short vid showing gameplay using this cheat, featuring transformation bonuses, strength levels with different aura colors and quite rapid hp decrease from depleted stamina.(It's much faster for P1 even through both players run out of it in the end, since the speed is also based on how much hp character has.;P)

Default settings differ in latest version from that clip since basically I added a few extra customize options and changed some stuff/fixed some bugs, but the general idea anyway is that you can customize as much as you want within this cheat, so don't feel like you must use my(default) settings, I usually don't spend much time playing this game anymore other than testing the trainer itself while adding extra features to it so feel free to change them to your own liking and if you have no clue how, read included manual and more importantly mess around it by yourself, practice is always the easiest way to catch on how stuff works.

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Nice, stickied Smile
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks^_^, that was fast.
i approve of this project.

Certified by Squall.
Nice one Miseru99! Smile

(click on the image)

But The Program doesn't resize well on Medium DPI (Windows 7)

Have you hardcoded the positions? It never happened to any of my programs (which I made for Learning Purpose).What Language did you use. VB / C++.
It's just cheat engine lua trainer(hard to miss the CE icon;3).

And yeah hardcoded the positions, this mess of an interface is soo packed, that I didn't even considered anything like auto size. And wasn't aware of the dpi change mess;]. Not sure now if I should redo that mess completely to use auto size or just add an option for 125 and 150% cases. Gonna check it in the weekend probably;3.
if you use WTL for the interface, it should be dpi friendly automatically
- added a button to fix interface at 125% DPI(and only as the other ones are just looking completely nasty;P), decided I'm not gonna bother much with interface untill I'll have more time for some mayor changes,
- fixed transformation hp decrease while using limit break cheat and changed it soo transformation now increases hp to the next lvl,
- put a bit more effort into the readme to make it more usefull.
- New options for the Limit Break cheat - transformation bonuses, they can be either negative(but will never kill the character nor set his hp to 0) or positive(can break the 300k max hp limit without having fusion char with it, but it has some limitations), you can also set the duration, all done with sliders, if you would like to set them to 0, just click the corresponding label, in case you want to set all to 0's, you can just click the main Transformation Bonus label(text),
- changed also hidden bonus gained from 1m hp to work already from 500k and decreased blue energy importance to hp regen for some balancing,
- fixed whatever I could find to fix.

Edit: Not worth the bump, but a fix for the new feature:], couse I messed it at one or two cases. Finished testing for a while;3. If you find any bugs with the new feature let me know it got quite complicated and hard to test everything @_@;.
Bugs fixed:
- with new settings when character dies next character could get a transformation bonus,
- transformation bonus time passed during pause,
- trainer was running when emulation was suspended without pause(only matters for regen cheats).
New features added:
- Timer control from a slider,
- New Widescreen - showing more, with render fix, no more camera correction activated, potentially "better"(not really much of a difference).

Edit: Added the new Widescreen to the pnach files as well, PAL version actually didn't need a full render fix, it seems to draw 2x bigger area than NTSC one by default lol talk about superiority of PAL system;P, well at least based on this game, which was made properly from the start to end making all those awfull ports just a sad excuse;].
And an "oops", forgot about changing the aob scan for new WS which is used in story mode, fixed that as well @_@;.

"Next day Update":
Turns out the same variable which is used for FX render area also is used to aim ultimates from far range at some angles, not always, but still it's a crap at long range fights, soo I added another checkbox to change between X/Y Widescreen modes, changed default to old one as it didn't had any bugs like that.

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