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Sparking - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 trainer/editor
When i attach the Sparking/Trainer with PCSX2 it shows Unsupported game, i have Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 with USA bios 2.0
Lost in the Vastness of Mugen.

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It works fine here. Can you post the CRC, the Region and the SLES no of your game from the PCSX2 Log.
(08-12-2012, 09:49 AM)recoder Wrote: It works fine here. Can you post the CRC, the Region and the SLES no of your game from the PCSX2 Log.

What do you mean?
I am comfused
Lost in the Vastness of Mugen.
you can find it in the pcsx2 program log.

ELF (cdrom0:\SLUS_216.78;1) Game CRC = 0x428113C2, EntryPoint = 0x00100008
Generally from the minimum of posted info I can already say for sure that the scenario is alike that:
- bios and the place it stores game regional code is correctly detected,
- trainer successfully grabs the info from it,
- and a suprise in here as game regional code seen by the bios doesn't match any of the existing game version.

This basically means the trainer works just fine, completely as planned/expected.

Unless there are game versions which aren't listed on any official site nor pcsx2 GameIndex.dbf(and as far I just checked there are only 3 all of which are supported by the trainer;P), and that would be it, I'll limit my support to listing possible causes of it:
- using full boot to start the game sometimes can fail to read the correct region code - can be fixed by using fast boot,
- having more instances of pcsx2 running or some leftover from crashed instance which can happen at times when using MTvu speedhack - can easily be checked with windows task menager or just cleaned by restarting windows,
- having corrupted, not properly working or somehow modded bios - unlikely as it would have to be broken/changed in a way to affect only region code, but if it would be the case it's worth checking/dumping it again,
- having a game modded in a way to kill/change region code or any other protection based on it - in other words pirated;].

The last case... well, the only reason my trainer checks for region code is the fact that it's the most sure way of checking game version without bothering the user with picking it manually, if accidently I made an anti-pirate protection then I guess it's even better and I have no reason to change it;]. Not like I really care about those "poor copyright owners who grab most money while doing nothing", but not gonna support piracy anyway:].

Game CRC doesn't really matter for the trainer, it checks regional code only(I guess game crc from the log is calculated in some original way and I would say that it's usefull only for the internal pcsx2 options - by checking CRC list I remember there even was a duplicate CRC between 2 completely different games;P), and reads it from the bios while I'm not sure how pcsx2 grabs the info as it's stored in more than one way on the game disc, soo even if the log would show correct one, that's not much of an info, guess I could add detected game code additionally to saying it's unsupported;].

The original dvds and backups made of it(even if modded later, as long as not breaking such protections) works just fine, and that's all I can say about that.;P

Edit: I just noticed your other thread and using 0.9.6, I thought it's pcsx2 version independend, and generally IS, but seems 0.9.6 and older did some strange stuff and have a complete mess instead of organized PS2 memory like any modern version of pcsx2 has now. No wonder it doesn't work, and no, I'm not gonna make it backward compatible, by same reason even pnach files would have to be changed for such old version lols. @[email protected]
I don't know how the trainer works(does it patch certain addresses after 20000000)but 0.9.6 don't use the same memory range as any pcsx2 rev after r4029,so it's normal that the trainer don't work on 0.9.6
Yeah I saw it too, and added a note for the requirements as stupidly 0.9.6 still seems to be popular. I can imagine it runs faster/better with old/crappy gpu's, but still it's mostly couse showing less >.<.

I didn't checked it too deeply, potentially just finding the start and moving everything by the offset would be enough if the structure is same. I'm just totally lazy for adding support for ancient builds, bugs shouldn't be promotedTongue.
when i tried this one from hp well i was fighting like 5 rps and with almost 90000 HP but when my hp got to 10000 and when i wanted to increase it my characted died D: does anyone knows why this happned?

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (build 7600), 32-bit
Physical RAM = 5197 MB
CPU name = Core i7 CPU E5800 @ 4.7ghz
Graphics = Ati sapphire HD 6770
@Brolyrival44 I can't really guess what happened without more detailed description;p, assuming you were using "Limit Break" - it's very complicated and inefficient script which possibly fails at times, you can try new options.

Anyway new update:
(sadly no mayans will be able to use it, as their world ended;p)
- some slight changes on the interface,
- new Limit Break II cheat this one is somewhat simpler - I basically added a whole database of char models ID's=_=, yet it should be somewhat simpler in actual work, more accurate and allow me for much more stupid things tweaking script to behave differently for each char if I would want it even, for now it have new hp multiplier on transformation which even can say if you're transforming one step or few and apply correctly bigger bonus;p, and a hp pool - basically works like a stamina, when it ends, your happy hp rising will turn by 180 degrees;p,
Slight tweaks added to LBII cheat, this should be final version for a while:
- some transformations can have different hp pool drain,
- healing abilities can restore some of the hp pool additionally to hp, or restore more hp when pool is set to infinite,
- red color doesn't cover hp bar while alot of hp is lost anymore,
- no more 1 shot kills at high hp, replaced by script that will deal different dmg based on ultimate(beams are actually hard to use against other high lvl character, but they should deal most dmg) and enemy hp, it's still possible to 1 shot a enemy with 100k hp while having much more, but now the fight between 2 high lvl chars will not end after 1 mistake(or at least shouldn't;p, I don't really have time to test all ultimates;d),
- some other slight tweaks and fixes to make sure nothing hapens with Limit Break II as happened with old version looking at the post above;p.

Merry Xmas everyone;3
Update: Sparking!x3 featuring some bugfixes
- 2p mode widescreen for example, dunno why I didn't noticed it earlier, but 2p mode required different values at least in my ws patch, the one from ws thread breaks planet destruction animation, so I don't even bother with testing it for that;p,
- some other ones I forgot,
- and new window to customize some stuff I hardcoded earlier into LimitBreak II cheat.;3
If it has any serious bugs left that can be reproduced(ie it wasn't totally random;p), feel free to bug me about it.

Edit: and blah I did it again;p tested everything yesterday, but had a last moment idea to add and ofc I had to broke something implementing it >.> even worse it was under a timer and could result in console spam which I hate;p /fixed&reuploaded.

day after edit:
Boosted Sparking! version to x3h(hurray for total freedom in version numbers;3).
-Added some funny settable hotkeys for cpu control, not much else, and only like 10 downloads of earlier release so no bump;3.

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