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Sparking - Budokai Tenkaichi 3 trainer/editor
Dose not work for me...
It says:
Failure loading trainer. Reason Wackotream read error


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Just a Question How Can I use the disk fusion in the trainer?
For the trainer i cant customize the characters for limit breaker the trainer just stops working and shuts itelf down Sad
Hey guys how do i install this? Im having this issue

I was told to install this
Or should i install this spark program instead (please explain how to install this)?
Dude, did you read any readme or try anything at all? We won't spoon feed you here, use your brain.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Dont get me wrong i was looking for the readme file i assumed sparking was another file i downloaded from yesterday. Im sure i can figure out how to link it with cheat engine but as for the other file i don't see any instructions on where the files go. This is the first PS2 game im playing on pc so i didnt mean to offend anyone with my lack of understanding :/
I figured out how to install the gsdx files they didnt help (tried all) im going to just wait and hope for a playstation store hd remake of this for the ps4 thanks for your support Smile
Why is there no video tutorial how to use the cheat? because i dont know Laugh
(01-07-2014, 12:15 AM)Jcnsi Wrote: For the trainer i cant customize the characters for limit breaker the trainer just stops working and shuts itelf down Sad

I'm also having this issue currently.

I love the trainer though, it's great! I'd love to go into the customize characters screen, but it seems to only partially load. I get the first stamina decrease multiplier screen bar for normal* but then nothing below that loads in and you can't click anything and it will eventually crash the whole program.

Otherwise this is a pretty sweet program and I'm really loving it so far. Feels like dragonball z even more than the stock game and I was just really looking for a way to edit the potaras! You've gone above and beyond on this app, it's great!

Edit: I've done some research and installed cheat engine and was able to run the sparking!x3j.CETRAINER file itself and now instead of crashing, Lua engine pops up with an error message:

Error:Invalid class object
Error:External exception C0000028

Maybe that'll help you find the cause of the error? I'm going to test to see if stamina is working properly with the trainer and if I can knock someone out of a transformation since those are features you can normally change on this page but never seem to load in on mine. They might just be not working or something...
Does it working for Dragon History? Pls tell me

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