Spartan:Total Warrior cannot run
Well i don't know what is going on,i extracted and installed and did everything required so i could open the PCSX2 but this game just doesn't run,i have chosen ISO i choose open,i double-click it but nothing it just shows me the PCSX2 menu,please can someone find a solution to my problem?

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You have PCSX2 configured as per the guide?
You have an ISO file made from your disc with ImgBurn?

You browsed for the file with the Iso Selector under the CDVD menu,
Chose to Boot CDVD (fast) under the System menu,
and nothing happened?
oh thank you so much i just had to select Boot CDVD[fast] and it started thank you Rezard i was too noob in this i thought it was like PSX thanks again...Smile

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