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Hello I'm new to the PCSX2 emulator, and I'm curious as to how I can maximize my gaming experience on or if I should just give it up now lol.

GPU: Radeon HD 1.30GHz
RAM: 2.00 GB

Now I've been able to play some games but Kingdom Hearts crashed on the part where Donald and Goofy leave in the ship. Might be a problem with the game however it has it's spurts of moving decent and then slow. The sound sucks to the point where they sound like their poppin molly, but Im guessing that's just the usage on the graphics. (All the moving graphics at one gotta be heavy)

I've also tried playing Castlevania Curse of Darkness but that is also another game that lags and the sound is crap as well. I've read numerous articles and found decent settings I guess, but I'm not sure if they're good enough so I've reverted back to the default until I can learn more about the settings rather than copying someone else's.

I'm not that tech heavy, but I'm not an idiot and I can learn if explained to lol. If there's anyone out there that wouldn't mind weighing in with some reasonable explanations as to why I'm having these problems, and suggestions on how I can increase my gaming experience.

Also the FPS will randomly go from 60 to 50 and 40ish. Although during gameplay the FPS will drop around 38 and 25 area. When it gets graphic heavy it's usually 21 and under on the FPS. If anyone can help please it will be highly appreciated.

Also as stated if my specs are just that bad, then what can I do to make it better on myself. Such as software suggestions, what things I may need to get (cost effective would be nice), and yeah that's about it.

Thanks for reading guys much appreciated.

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Your CPU isn't powerful enough for emulation.
Specs: Intel Pentium P5 @ 60 Mhz, 1 Gigabyte HDD, OS: DOS
Okay what can I do to make it better? What kind of Cpu should I be looking for?
It depends on your budget. A current-gen Core i5 will do nicely, but you'll have to couple it with at least a mid-range GPU.
I'll chime here becasue i have a laptop running a e-450 i use for linux and windows dual boot. on the windows side i max out at 45 FPS

but the e-300 if i'm correct is only a single core so, as they said before emulation on that system there is not feasable

Kaveri is going to becoming out towards the end of this year as far as the rumour mill goes the current richland APUs are only 150 USD and work fantasticly for the price. i would skip there FX series CPUs though in till they get better

Intel lauched haswell and it is not much better than Ivy Bridge but it does add AVX2 to it and that is handy but is not utilize in 1.0.0, but the raw processing power out of a intel cpu is worth it
if you buy an intel cpu the inergrated GPU is so-so if you want a good GPU that is additional to the cost
Windows 10
Intel 5930k 4.2ghz/core
32 GBs of 2400MHz DDR4
AMD PoweColor 390X (GPUs are expensive or this would be in crossfire)
I'm pretty sure haswell has some decent integrated graphics.
Specs: Intel Pentium P5 @ 60 Mhz, 1 Gigabyte HDD, OS: DOS

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