Special offer $$$
Hi all,

I search for a PCSX2 version with all the plugins who work on Mac osx 10.5
and the VPN software to make the bridge of the ethernet device.
I search for someone who can compile the PCSX2 installation in two simple files.

I offer money for someone who can do this. 200$ or more for this work.

What I want is: 1 file with all the PCSX2 content (all plugins, dev9, pads)
and 1 file with the VPN software setup config for the ethernet device installation. (for MAC)

I need this to relaunch an online PS2 game.

I know as my request is a bit special. But i have try to do it for my self and nothing available.
I m not a professionnal of dev...

If someone is interrest, we can speak about the money...

Have a good day.

M. Aeb

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