Specs Check
I am curious if my computer's specs will run pcsx2 smoothly:

Intel Core i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.39 Ghz
RAM 4.00 GB
NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M 1GB
500 GB HDD

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Sorry gt 540m wasn't listed
Recommended Processors:

Intel Core 2 Duo / Core i3 @ 3.2Ghz or faster
Intel Core i5 / i7 @ 2.66Ghz or faster
AMD Phenom II / Athlon II (X2, X3 or X4) @ 3.4Ghz or faster

Recommended VGA cards:

Nvidia Geforce 9600GT / 8800GT or better
ATI Radeon 4750 or better

Or better means if your specific card is higher then this "Which it is" it should be compatible.
Some games will run decently, but never expect for PCSX2 to run smoothly on a laptop.

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