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Speed Hacks, Turbo, and Frame Skipping Not Working
Okay, so I got PCSX2 up and running just fine, latest version. However when booting up an ISO of Ratchet & Clank the frame rate dropped as soon as the main menu loaded. FPS on cutscenes and loading is fine, but drops into the high 20's - low 30's during gameplay.

The game is running in slow-mo even though I'm running Windows 7 64-bit with an Intel i7 Biggrin a whole terabyte of memory and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260. So, I resorted to seeing if speedhacking could fix the FPS issues but I ran into a major problem: speedhacks, turbo mode, and frame skipping are having absolutely NO effect on the game AT ALL!

So, needless to say I think there's some problems and I wanted to see if I could get any help. I've been playing PS2 for years but I'm really quite new to emulators in general, so I really don't know my way around them. Hope to get some help soon, peace.

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i think that game needs to pass near-maximum requirement
Quote:Maximum Req. :
i7 Extreme series unlocked by 5Ghz and gddr5~ Super-OC edition video card or Nvidia GTX-Ti Super-OC edition and excess of 256-bit bandwidth

have you try turbo mode "TAB" key to try to run in benchmark mode...if still persists then it's your CPU temperature better check it using CoreTemp.
MAIN RIG:i5-7600(3.5ghz)GTX 1050Ti 4GB/128bit/gddr5,Win 10 Pro(x64),ASUS ROG B250G,16GB HyperXFury ddr4 RAM,Samsung M.2-SSD 500GB
SUB RIG:i5-4670(3.4Ghz),ATi Radeon HD7770(GDDR5+128-bit+1GB),Win 10 SL(x64),ASUS H8M-E,8GB DDR3 RAM
CPU of I5/I7 at 3.2 Ghz+ and a Good GPU is almost sufficient to play this game at almost playable speed. Tongue2

Anyways Care to mention your CPU too. Smile
Whats the EE/GS% when you get slowdowns?

Speedhacks may sometimes not help when your CPU/GPU is lagging (a lot) and cannot run at fullspeed.

Turbo mode doesn't help you speedup the game. It changes the Maximum FPS (FPS Limiter) of the game. Tongue2
These games are known to be very slow, they're very hard to emulate correctly.

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