Speed and graphics issues....
I successfully installed the emulator on a Mac 10.8.5, but when i open a game it runs slow and grounds, objects and details sometimes disappear. The issue is more evident in Dragonball BT3, in this screen as you can see the land is half invisible and the character is completely disappeared.
What can i do?
I alredy tried changing every single graphic setting but it only influenced the speed sometimes
[Image: Schermata_2014_01_13_alle_15_32_49.png]

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The Mac version will unfortunately not be developed anymore. And the Mac-version of pcsx2 is very old in comparison the the windows version. If it is possible for you to install a dualboot system with a windows option you would improve emulation a lot.

I think DBZ was some time ago a game that had some graphical issues. Since you have an old version you might see these issues. Than they could not be solved.
or just try this : http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Testers-W...-OS-X-v1-1
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